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A restaurant owns modern Hanoian’s drinking and dining combination style. Ants restaurant attracts gourmands with a range of traditional Vietnamese liquors and a variety of foods for drinking, which Ants had to seek from different regions in Vietnam.

Unique liquor…Ants’ pride

Enjoy Ants’ fruit liquor types with a variety of flavors: acrid, sweet, sour, bitter. With Ants’ fruit liquor, you will be taken in a garden of fresh fruits and discover human senses such as sight, taste, smell. These liquor types are distilled from delicious and nutritious fruits which are best chosen from different regions in Vietnam. When you taste every drop of the liquor, you will feel quite excited, escaping from tiredness, worries or pressure of life, so as to company with Ants’ liquor as your best true friend.

Over 100 dishes beverages

Ants’ menu includes 100 dishes which are best-collected by Ants’ manager through her trips to discover nature nationwide. For example, roasted locusts, fried chicken cartilage, Tay Bac smoked sausage, H’mong liquor-steamed chicken, wild vegetables and herbs, as well as traditional hot pots such as field crab hot pot, ‘gion’ fish hot pot. Enjoy a variety of specialties of Thai ethnic minority in Son La province, including particular flavors of Thai dishes such as Wild Peppers, chilies, gingers, garlic

Events celebrated at Ants’ house

Ants’ house is a wonderful meeting place for organizations or groups of individuals…At Ants’ house, you will share nice moments with your colleagues and friends. If ordering a one-floor package, you will receive a free space decoration (as Ants’ arrangement), or receive free decoration services (as your requirement and interest)

Ants's farm